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The British Film Institute has a partial filmography of Nikki's work.
The list below represents most of the films for which Nikki did revoicing work.
They are grouped under Bond Films (date order), Commercials, Other Films and TV (alphabetical order)
This is the definitive list of the EON Productions Bond Films that were revoiced by Nikki van der Zyl.

Dr. No1962Revoiced Ursula Andress (as Honey Ryder) - speaking voice and singing, Eunice Gayson (as Sylvia Trench) and all female voices, except Moneypenny, Miss Taro and a Chinese woman.
From Russia with Love1963Revoiced Eunice Gayson (as Sylvia Trench) and others.
Goldfinger1964Revoiced Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson).
Voice coach to Gert Frobe and on set throughout filming.
Thunderball1965Revoiced Claudine Auger (as Dominique 'Domino' Derval)
You Only Live Twice1967Revoiced Mie Hama (as Kissy Suzuki).
On Her Majesty's Secret Service1969Revoiced Virginia North (as Olympe) and various others.
Diamonds Are Forever1971Revoiced various females.
Live and Let Die1973Revoiced part Jane Seymour (as Solitaire).
Man With the Golden Gun1974Revoiced Francoise Therry (as Chew Mee) and various others.
Moonraker1979Revoiced Corinne Clery (as Corinne Dufour).
Avon Cosmetics1976.
Boots the Chemist1976.
British Airways1973.
British Caledonian1973.
Cadbury's Chocolate1973.
Colgate Palmolive1976.
Fairy Snow1972.
Max Factor1973.
Reban Shampoo1974.
Solid Fuel1975.
Thompson's Holidays1972.
Tuff Shoes1972.
Ultrabrite Toothpaste1971.
Watney's Special Bitter1973.
24 Hours1967Revoiced various voices
7% Solution1976Revoiced various voices
Adventures of Tom Jones1975Revoiced various voices
Battle of Britain1969Revoiced various voices
Cairo Story1962Revoiced various voices.
Call Me Bwana1962 Revoiced Anita Ekberg. (Bob Hope, the co-star, didn't realise she'd been revoiced.)
Carry On - Don't Lose Your Head1966played the messenger and stunt work
Carry On Cleo1964stunt work. Cleo in carpet rolling scene.
Casino Royale1967Revoiced Ursula Andress (part)
Dandy In Aspic1968Revoiced various voices
Deadlier Than The Male1966Revoiced Silva Koscina
Death of a Stranger1972Revoiced various voices
Department K.Revoiced various voices
Don't Lose Your Head1967messenger
East of Java.Revoiced Jackie Chan
Embassy1971Revoiced various voices
Every Home Should Have One1970Revoiced various voices
Fiddler On the Roof1971Revoiced various voices
Four Bags Full1966Revoiced various voices
Frankenstein Created Woman1966Revoiced Susan Denberg
Fraulein Doktor1968Revoiced Susy Kendall
Funeral In Berlin1967Revoiced Eva Renzi
Gwain and the Green Knight.Revoiced the Princess
Hannibal Brooks1969Revoiced Karin Baal (as Vronia)
Joe Egg.Revoiced various voices
Lafayette1961Revoiced Claudia Cardinale
Man InThe Moon1960Revoiced Shirley Ann Field
Master of Love1973Revoiced various voices
Modesty Blaise1966Revoiced Monica Vitti
Moses1974Revoiced various voices
Mister Jericho1969Revoiced Connie Stevens (Claudine)
Ombre Bianche1959dubbed English voice of Asiak
One Million Years BC1966Revoiced Raquel Welch
Paul and Michelle1973Revoiced various voices
Plague of the Zombies1966Revoiced various voices
Prehistoric Women (renamed Slave Girls)1968Revoiced various voices
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes1970Revoiced various voices
Prudence and the Pill1968Revoiced various voices
Quadrophenia1979Revoiced various voices
Reflections in a Mirror1967Revoiced various voices
Robin Hood1973Revoiced various voices
Run Johnny Run1966Revoiced various voices
Savage Innocents1960Revoiced Yoko Tani
Scars of Dracula1970Revoiced Jenny Hanley (as Sarah Framsen)
Schoolgirl Report No.31972Revoiced various voices
She1965Revoiced Ursula Andress
Tale of Two Cities1958Revoiced girl in cart going to execution with Dirk Bogarde
That Man George.Revoiced various voices
The Atlantic Wall.Revoiced various voices
The Blue Max1966Revoiced Ursula Andress
The Cherry Picker1972Revoiced Lulu as Nancy
The Games1969Revoiced various voices
The Gaunt Woman1972Played the part of Mrs.Kronig
The Ipcress File1965Revoiced Sue Lloyd.
The Jokers1967Revoiced Gabriella Licudi (as Eve)
The Magus1968Revoiced various voices
The Oblong Box1969Revoiced various voices
The Quiller Memorandum1966Revoiced various voices
The Ruling Class1972Narrated the trailer.
The Spiral Staircase1974Revoiced various voices
The Statue.Revoiced various voices
Theatre Macabre1973Revoiced various voices
Tomorrow Man1975Revoiced various voices
Up the Front1972Revoiced various voices
What A Whopper1961Revoiced various voices
White Blackmail1960Revoiced various voices
Who the Murder Was1969Revoiced various voices
Whoosh1974Revoiced various voices
You Can't Win Them All1970Revoiced Michèle Mercier (as Aila).
You Must Be Joking.Revoiced Gabriella Licudi
Z1968Revoiced various voices. (Film won best foreign Film award.)
Belle and Sebastian (BBC).Revoiced various voices.
Boarded Window1973Revoiced various voices.
Chingachook (BBC).Revoiced Katherine.
Godking1974Revoiced various voices.
Interpol Calling (BBC).Revoiced various voices.
La Colonne des Cendres1969Revoiced various voices.
Night Flight to Berlin (documentary)1971Narrated the part of Lotte.
Shirley's World (ATV).Revoiced various voices.
Space 19991977Revoiced various voices.
Spyder's Web (ATV)1974Revoiced various voices.
Summertime Killer1973Revoiced various voices.
The Aeronauts1972Revoiced various voices.
The Persuaders1971Revoiced various voices. Worked closely with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis
The Saint (ATV).Revoiced various voices. Worked with Roger Moore
UFO (ATV)1969Revoiced various voices.
Women Today (ATV)1971Revoiced various voices.

Strange Facts about revoicing:
Gabriella Licudi was an actress who appeared in several films in the 1960s. She decided to study and become a teacher of elocution after seeing a film dealing with the education of deaf mutes. Nevertheless after being cast as Eve in The Jokers (1967) her performance still needed the added oomph only Nikki van der Zyl could supply.

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