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Brown and Blair

Brown and Blair, this dreadful pair
Have brought the uttermost despair
On England's reputation.
Where is the deputation
That insists on resignation
Now that the barest obligation
Of leadership has failed?
The plight of England is bewailed
Yet Brown still sits in Downing Street
Amidst his drowning, dying fleet,
So, till he's voted out next year
His stubbornness still costs us dear.

© Nikki van der Zyl, May 2009

Blair's War

Blair told the people we must go to war,
Because Bush asked him to, "before
Saddam wields his weapons of mass destruction";
Intelligence gave out this dire instruction.
We didn't know this was a ruse;
There never was a lighted fuse;
Hussein could never mobilise his force
In five and forty minutes, but of course
At that time, how were we to know the facts;
That Blair's scaremongering were only acts
To scare us into joining Bush's war
Because that oath to Bush, he'd swore.
Now that the truth is coming out
We're being side tracked by Campbell's shout
That it was BBC that got it wrong.
The hope amidst the great ding dong
Is that we'll lose sight of focal point,
Which is that Blair and Bush, singly and joint,
Forced war on us by lies and sheer deceit.
That is the truth from which Blair seeks retreat.

© Nikki van der Zyl, July 2003

MPs' Claims for Expenses

The MPs who have made false claims,
Who've taken all our dough; these names
Are there for all to see and know.
At next Election they should go.
The Telegraph has spiked their game,
Has thoroughly reviewed each name
In every Party in the House
Of who is clean and who's the louse.
The Speaker had to go today.
He really thought that he could stay.
But he's as guilty as the rest;
To this, so many will attest.
So after years and years and years,
For the first time among his peers
A Speaker was forced to retire -
The least the House did require.
Is that the end of the story?
Are they now covered in glory?
Ask any person in the street
What they would say if they could meet
Their guilty MP face to face
And I am sure in every case
Their angry voices you would hear
And they would tell them loud and clear
That people are disgusted now
And want the system changed and how!
At next Election we should shout
Each guilty MP will be out!

© Nikki van der Zyl, May 2009


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