The 50th anniversary of "Goldfinger" is 17 September 2014, and that is a good time to reminisce about perhaps the most enduring film in the entire canon. Miss van der Zyl is 79, and was a key player in that film. She is one of the most rehired James Bond actors in the entire series, up there with Lois Maxwell and ahead of any of the actors who actually played James Bond himself.
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Photo left: Nikki at the EON archives warehouse in North London, with one of the weighty gold bar props used in the film.
Photo centre: Nikki with Thomas Bowington organizer of Goldfinger Day before he withdrew his invitation for Nikki to be a Special Guest.
Photo right: 'Cockney bombshell' Shirley Eaton, who was revoiced by Nikki, seen here at Goldfinger Day.

Why was Nikki - the voice of Bond Girls in ten movies - not at Goldfinger Day, 22 September 2012?
The full story of this fiasco was told in the Daily Mail on 22 September. Read the article now.
Suppressed in Britain; but acclaimed in Germany

In April 2012, after attending one of the fascinating talks at which Nikki discusses her multi careers (she's much more than just an actress), Mr Bowington sent Nikki an email saying:
"After less than a minute in to your talk decided that you should be interviewed and talk on your own at the convention - Much better you are a given a full range there and dazzle all the fans with your splendid mixture of fun, informative and a couple of jaw-dropping surprises." Thomas Bowington

Readers will be interested to know that Bowington had been very gushing and extravagantly kissed Nikki's hand when he first met her and her husband George at the Old Bull and Bush in Hampstead. They entertained him in their home and later socialised together at art exhibitions. He was very impressed by their film of the EON props store (based in NW London), made after Nikki's visit in 2011.

Some weeks later Bowington stunned Nikki by telling her that she would be banned from attending Goldfinger Day because of pressure from a petulant Shirley Eaton, who Nikki had revoiced. When producers were finished filming the 1964 movie they were unhappy with Eatonís voice and Nikki stepped in to help the "Cockney bombshell" achieve her sultry demeanor. Graham Rye, editor of 007magazine said: "She was excellent at it, thatís why she got the work over and over again." Read the Sunday Express article (September 2014).

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bowington said that Nikki 'has alienated so many people by saying negative things about them' and this was the reason he cancelled Nikki's invitation. This is a serious and damaging allegation designed to discredit Nikki and no evidence has been or can be produced by Bowington to back it up. Also, after the glowing terms in which he writes in his email to Nikki, it does not make sense. Why would the fans not want to see everyone who made a significant artistic contribution to the making of the Bond films? What is the real reason Bowington cancelled?

Incidentally, readers should know that Bowington posts comments on Bond fans websites under the name of 'friendlyfire'.

If anyone knows of any denigrating remarks which Nikki is supposed to have said about anyone in the film industry, will they please supply full details, including the exact words, the date, time and place and the person she was addressing. No more anonymous and wounding allegations please.

This story has given rise to widespread concern at the concealment of Nikki's contributions to making the Bond films. As one contributor to the MI6 Bond fan website says: 'Nikki contributed to EON's success by allowing them to get away with hiring cheap unknowns rather than actresses who could actually speak English so is worthy of recognition.'
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Below ... is what was promised on the London Film Memorabilia Convention website.
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