Open Letter to Sir Roger Moore KBE (with P.S.)

Dear Roger,

I am writing to you in this way because I do not have direct contact with you and wish to avoid any intervention to your receiving this letter.

We go back a long way together and I have always admired you and thought of you as a friend. Therefore I was shocked when I received an email from my publisher saying you had withdrawn permission for me to use the Foreword you had so kindly written for my book. It was a warm and truly lovely Foreword.

I understand a letter was sent to the publisher without my knowledge, marked Private and Confidential saying that I could not now use your Foreword. I have not seen the letter, but am saddened and disappointed that you did not contact me before it was sent.

I hope you enjoy reading my book. There are nothing but good things said about you in it. Perhaps you can tell me why you took this action? Who were the Saint's Persuaders?

With sadness but without rancour,
Your old friend,

In the light of the Richard Kay article (Daily Mail 11 Jan), I cannot believe you would have given credence to a letter from my son which contained anything negative about me and on that basis withdraw your foreword. Knowing you to be a fair minded gentleman I am still perplexed that you have not contacted me.

The World of Nikki van der Zyl