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From a completely unexpected direction came another most interesting book. Unexpected because it's the Bond memoirs of the one actress who's been involved with the series more than any other except Lois Maxwell. Yet most people - even seasoned Bond fans - didn't know about her connection with 007: Nikki van der Zyl. She is the voice we hear when Ursula Andress first appeared on the beach of Crab Key in Dr No. Since then Mrs van der Zyl has re-voiced numerous other female parts in the series until Moonraker. In addition to that she also coached German actor Gerd Froebe for his dialogue in Goldfinger. For Your Ears Only recounts the moving story of her life and her career at the heart of the British film industry, from the sidelines of many famous productions her contributions were crucial for, yet seldom adequately acknowledged. A fascinating read.
- (Germany)

I don't get many requests for nonfiction book reviews, especially autobiographies, so I jumped at the chance to do this one. The book is really interesting, and it gives a unique perspective on how the author, Nikki Van Der Zyl, was treated in Hollywood. I'm a huge James Bond move fan, and hearing how she voiced over some of the most important voices in movie history (even though she was not included in the movie credits) was very interesting. The only real problems I had with the book was with the UK-specific slang, (mum, mummy, etc).
The book kept me interested throughout, although the parts about her early life and childhood were not as interesting to me as the Hollywood portion. Overall, I enjoyed it. For those of you who love movie history, or the history of the Bond movies, or even the history of voiceover work, this is a good read.
- Nonfictionfinds (USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nikki's autobiography. It provides the reader with a detailed insight into her early life during WW2 and goes on to elaborate on her chequered and facetted life and career. The Bond related material and her friendships and encounters with the Stars of the Screen and Royalty make for very interesting reading. The book also gives insight as to her steely determination to do the right thing by her children and the lengths any caring parent would go through to protect and provide for them. All in all an enjoyable and good read.
- Mark T. Feb 2013 (UK)

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A well written, easy to read autobiography of Nikki's varied life and career. It sheds light on her involvement in the Bond movies and her work in various other films and TV productions as well as her legal/political work. It seems sad that her valuable contribution to the Bond series has caused so much negative publicity, especially recently. Nikki writes about her work graciously and honestly. She ends the book by asking whether the truth about her involvement in the series is really so damaging. One can only hope she is allowed to finally have the recognition she deserves. All in all a great read!
- Catherine Hennessy (UK)

Nikki's considerable contribution to the world of cinema has largely gone unrecognised. I hope that her fascinating autobiography, of a truly multi-faceted life, will finally help redress the balance.
- Andrew Ross (author, Carry On Actors)

Listen, fans, to Nikki van der Zyl's world in For Your Ears Only. Without Nikki, 007 would find his women speechless in 10 films. Her sterling voice(s) bring stars to life on the big and small screen, and her life story is dramatic and absorbing.
- Matt Sherman, creator of BONDLIST eZine and the Bond Collectors' Weekends (USA)

The intended foreword to the book by Sir Roger Moore was withdrawn at his request.
Enterprising Googlers may find copies of the text on other unrelated websites.
Read Nikki's open letter to Roger.

Read Norman Wanstall's foreword.

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