The Taryn Simon Exhibition

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What they tried to conceal from Taryn Simon

When Taryn Simon was in London for three weeks in 2012 to photograph all the women who took part in the Bond films, for inclusion in her new installation, one Bond secret was kept from her.

She knew nothing about Nikki's crucial part in revoicing the Bond girls and none of the self-appointed controllers of the Bond world had informed her. They kept quiet, hoping that Taryn would depart none the wiser.

It was only when Taryn stopped off in Paris, before returning to her base in New York that she learnt about Nikki. The Voice of the Bond Girls was quickly invited to join Taryn in Paris (photo above) so that Nikki's significant contribution could be included in a filmed feature.

"I created a film in which Nikki, who had always been invisible in the Bond universe, reads the complete lines of Ursula's character - and becomes visible." Q&A with Taryn Simon

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