The Saga of the Roger Moore Foreword - a chronology
May 2011 Sir Roger Moore writes the foreword to For Your Ears Only
July 2 2012 Gareth Owen (Sir Roger's aide, based at Pinewood) and Andy Boyle write a joint letter to Nikki removing her from, the official web site for Bond merchandise which promotes most of the women that Nikki revoiced.
Nov 1 2012 The publishers of For Your Ears Only receive a letter from Sir Roger's office saying he has revoked his permission to use his foreword.
Hundreds of first run books are destroyed.
Nov 2 2012 Nikki posts an open letter to Sir Roger.
Dec 2012

This comment is from Roger Moore's facebook website.

Jan 11 2013 The Daily Mail reports Gareth Owen as saying the reason for Sir Roger withdrawing his foreword was because of a letter the actor received from Nikki's son, Darrell van der Zyl. (This conflicts with the reasons given to the publishers in November.)
Jan 14 2013 The Evening Standard contacts Mr. D. Van der Zyl and reports him as saying he had not written a letter to Sir Roger.
Jan 16 2013 Gareth Owen writes a negative review of the first edition on Amazon.
September 2013 Roger Moore on his Official Site reiterates that he did receive a letter from 'Darryl' van der Zyl.
December 2016 Over FOUR YEARS have passed (since the open letter) and still no word to Nikki from Sir Roger. Read opinion
May 2017 Roger Moore dies without making an apology, or any indication of regret, for the damage he did to Nikki. It will leave an enduring blot on his reputation.

The question remains: why did Sir Roger withdraw his foreword?

In his one star Amazon review Gareth Owen (born 1973 in Wrexham, Wales) says "... she [Nikki] never met the stars she dubbed." As a reviewer Mr. Owen (pic) is not unbiased because his website ( promotes the very women that Nikki dubbed. He conveniently ignores the fact that the women were only called 'stars' after their brief appearance in Bond films for which Nikki supplied half of their screen performances. Few were subsequently offered worthwhile roles in other significant movies. The 'stars' shone briefly only because of the lustre Nikki added to their screen image. Read the panel below to see what Roger himself thinks about 'actresses' that need to be dubbed.

A genuine film star (also known as a movie star or cinema star) is a properly trained actor/actress who is well-known, or famous, for his or her starring, or leading, roles in motion pictures. They get top-line billing in ads and trailers. The term 'star' cannot apply to small-part actresses, or kleindarsteller as they are sometimes called, who appear only in one or two brief scenes. Real stars are known and appreciated for their own unique, distinctive speaking voices (Roger Moore, for instance) and therefore would never be revoiced. That's the difference!

In 2002 Mr.Owen and Oliver Bayan, one of Germany's leading film authorities with a passion for the Bond films, co-authored the book Roger Moore - His Films and Career.

Nikki van der Zyl (who dubbed most of the Bond girls throughout the years and was, and continues to be, denied recognition due to the producers' efforts to maintain the total 'Bond girl' image) M Daily (The Medium Group) March 2014

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