Nikki was featured on the Berlin Fenster, a video news system installed on the underground trains throughout Berlin >>>

See the 2013 Berlin visit, including Night Flight to Berlin, the exhibition at the Pankow Museum.

Read the JC review

Is Moore as good as his Bond? (parts 1 and 2) What they're saying ...

Open letter to
Sir Roger Moore
Foreword by
Norman Wanstall
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LATEST NEWS: Get a peek at Taryn Simon's forthcoming video installation, featuring Nikki as Honey Ryder (The New York Times Magazine, Sept. 2013)
Read Daniel Baumann's essay on Birds of the West Indies, Simon's cryptically entitled dissection of the Bond films. The exhibition is presented in three acts; the first two depicting the cars, weapons, gadgets and women. Act 3 is radically different and is devoted to a short film of Nikki's unique contribution which ensured the success of the film series.
Read the Daily Telegraph review of James Bond's gadgets, cars and femmes fatales.
Simon's exhibition which has opened in Pittsburgh will be a 'must see' for all Bond fans when it eventually crosses the Atlantic.

Suppressed in Britain; but acclaimed in Germany

The missing Roger Moore foreword: ... an update, January 2014.

All the Bond films have been re-released on Blu-ray so that you can now enjoy Nikki's legendary revoicing of the Bond Girls in superlative quality.
Goldfinger Day has passed ... but read the full story.

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Did you know that Nikki was the mystery stunt-woman in the famous carpet-rolling scene in Carry on Cleo? Check out the trailer on YouTube for a brief glimpse, starting after 25 secs.
In 2010 Nikki appeared on the BBC's Antiques Road Show (photo right).

Take a peek at the van der Zyl Family Photo Album and also check out the Commentary page which showcase Nikki's poetic views of current affairs, including the MP's expenses fiasco.

Rabbi Dr. Werner van der Zyl was the Founder of the Leo Baeck College in North London. The college celebrated its golden jubilee in 2006 and we have assembled some articles, pictures and other material in memory of his achievement, with links to other sites.

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