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Night Flight To Berlin was exhibited at the Pankow Museum from November 2013 to April 2014. It is a history of the families Less and van der Zyl covering their lives in pre-War Germany, the misfortunes they endured under the Nazi regime and the escape by Rabbi Werner van der Zyl and his wife and daughter to England in 1939.

It is brought up to date with displays relating to Nikki's multiple careers including her major contributions to the Bond films, and her marriage to George Rooker.

Photos of the wall banner (right) and opening ceremony (below) are copyright Benjamin Lind, The Bond Collection.
Speakers at the opening ceremony were: Herr Bernt Roder (Museum Director), Dr. Thorsten Kühne (District Councillor for Culture), Rabbi Maurice Michaels (Alyth, North Western Reform Synagogue, London), Michael Strauven (Author) and Birgit Kirchhöfer (Museum Curator). Music was supplied by Jessika Nölte, Julia Herzog, Linus Hollitzer and Marina Kaljushny.

Nikki with the talented musicians.

Nikki with Herr Matthias Köhne, Mayor of Pankow.

Nikki and Rabbi Maurice Michaels

George, Nikki, Birgit Kirchhöfer, Rabbi Michaels and Kerstin John (Exhibition Designer)
The museum is open from 10 am to 6pm every day,
except Monday. Admission is free.

The M2 tram stops outside (Knaackstr)
and is only 3 stops from Alexanderplatz.
The nearest underground station is Senefelderplatz (U2 line).

Night Flight to Berlin (review by Benjamin Lind)
Pankow Museum
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